Hey guys, welcome to daviddaman2.com. After giving this some thought for a few years now I've decided it's finally time to get a site going. If you've made your way over here odds are you know me from my time on Twitter, where I've been posting plays and building a following since 2009. On my site you'll be able to find analysis, write ups, and reasoning behind my plays. Basically providing those who want it a glimpse into my thought process and what factors I'm using to come up with my plays. I'm not just throwing darts and flipping coins, there's a lot that goes into coming up with my plays. Here you have the option of simply looking at what my plays are, or digging deeper and finding out why I bet what I did. In addition I'll be adding some articles here and there for those who are new to the sports handicapping world. That section of the site will be called "handicapping 101" where I'll cover things like money management, how to win long term, and what the term "value" really means.

A little bit more about me briefly for those who don't know who I am. I've been handicapping sports for 15 years now. What started as a hobby in High School has turned into something I put hours of work into day in, and day out. From bouncing around different message boards, to eventually making my way to Twitter, sharing my picks is something I've been doing for quite some time. With all that said I'll turn you guys loose now. Surf around the site, read what you're interested in, perhaps learn a few things you didn't know, and at the end of the day lets put a little money in our pockets. Hope you guys enjoy it.

-David (daviddaman2)

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MLB May 6th

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Marlins -137: I like Vincent Velasquez as much as anyone, i’m a huge fan of his and I...
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