MLB 9/29

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An unbelievably odd 60 game sprint of a season is now over and we’ve reached playoff time. Hopefully we’ll get closer to normal baseball as that regular season was a mess. MLB found a way to get to the finish line, but between 7 inning DH’s, free runner at 2nd to start extra innings, and even at times being the road team in your own stadium it was weird to say the least. On top of that it was tough to figure which players/teams actually cared and wanted to be there. Anyways, let’s hope the playoffs bring back a taste of real, normal baseball.

Betting wise it was a tough year on the diamond and I won’t deny that. August was garbage and despite some damage control in September I was still in the red when I threw in the towel on the regular season a few weeks ago. That said you know damn well I’m not sitting out the playoffs. No full write ups today but here’s what I’m playing with a few quick thoughts on each one….

1st 5 innings Yankees/Indians Un 3 (-110): Might be square to take a first five under with arguably the two best pitchers in the sport, but so be it. Bieber will probably win the Cy Young unanimously and despite giving up a ton of HR’s Cole still put up 11.59 K/9 with just 2.1 BB/9. The Indians were only 25th in the league with an 87 wRC+ against right handed pitching and I expect Cole to be just fine tonight. The Yankees did pound right handed pitching this year but obviously things a little different against a guy like Bieber. His BB’s have spiked (by his standards) recently though. As long as he’s not issuing free passes he should be fine.

Blue Jays (+176): No question the Rays are rightfully favored but this thing has gotten out of hand. Shoemaker is seemingly always hurt but when he does pitch he’s actually pretty solid. Always been a low BB guy and of late his ground ball rate is up to. On top of that this year he showed the highest fastball velo of his career. Snell takes the hill for the Rays and while of course he’s good I’m probably part of the minority that doesn’t seem him as great. The Jays lineup is very right hand heavy and they were a top 10 offense this year against lefties. Not saying they’ll light Snell up but I do think they can do some damage.

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