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Alright boys and girls we’re there. Pretty much from this point forward to the end of the season we’ve got 12 hours of hoops daily. No better time of the year in my book. A little behind this morning but did want to make sure I got them out with the wall to wall action today. No time for full write ups but did manage a few quick thoughts behind each play. Here’s what I’m going with.

CS Fullerton (+10): Took a long look at the under here too but I’ll pass there and opt for the Titans instead. FT line is my main concern. Fullerton can get a little foul happy and Gauchos pretty solid at getting to the line. UCSB won the first matchup by 9, mainly due to winning the FT battle by 12. Not to over simplify but as long as it isn’t a parade to the FT line I think Fullerton is good enough to hang around.

Houston (-2): Been high on Houston all year and I think this line is a little short. I’m clearly still above market on them but I think they’ve got too much for U Conn. Just bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic team. Cougars are so balanced, no real weaknesses. Top 25 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. They do foul a lot but that’s who they are. Tough team, bully ball. Huskies got their attention in that first game and I think Houston focused throughout. 6-8 point win.

Ohio State (-5.5): Some early money on Illinois has brought this one down a point from it’s open. I probably wouldn’t have played it at 6.5 but the drop to 5.5 puts it within range. Wesson/Cockburn matchup should be a fun one but that’s a unique skill set for a still young and raw player like Cockburn to deal with. Buckeyes catching fire at the right time. I’ve made my thoughts on them pretty clear, I’m a believer.

Stetson (+16.5): Won’t be a beauty contest but I’ll take Stetson in what could be the ugliest game on the board. Snail slow pace like this one should be always boosts the dogs chances a bit. Stetson actually beat them straight up in late January. Came from 14 down to win by 5. Liberty rolled in the take out frustration re-match spot but I think Stetson should be somewhat competitive here. Just so much variance with them due to how many 3 attempts they allow.

Air Force (+17): This is a lot of points to lay in an exhale type game for SDSU. They were pushed hard by Nevada on Saturday and with some tough games waiting for them over the weekend it’s not unreasonable to think SDSU could sleepwalk a little bit. Early start too. Don’t know how that’ll impact the Aztecs but you know it won’t bother Air Force. Falcons offense actually had some nice success in first meeting with a 1.16 PPP. They’ll hang around


CS Fullerton (+10)
Houston (-2)

Ohio State (-5.5)
Stetson (+16.5)
Air Force (+17)

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