NCAAB 2/10

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Like I’ve said a few times already… boy am I glad January is gone. Starting to find a bit of a groove now off a 19-8 showing last week. Now the key is to just stacking a few of these big weeks together. Only one play for now but if I add anything else I’ll post that on Twitter.

Florida State (+8): In general I think I’m a bit above market on FSU and I assume that’s where this discrepancy comes from, because my line is only 5 here. Florida State is a very unique team in that they’ve worked their way to 20-3 and really have no star player. They are one of, it not the deepest team in the country. Hamilton is running a legit 11 man rotation which is nearly unheard of in todays game. No great players just an army of really good players that he keeps rotating in basically hockey shift style. That kind of team isn’t exactly ideal for a Duke squad that could be coming in a little gassed after that UNC thriller. At OT and 93 possessions that game would gas you under any circumstances, but throw in the mental aspect of the chaos in that game and it’s tough to get back out there 48 hours later and do it again. FSU one of the few teams in the country that can easily hang with Duke down low. Biggest team in the country and that negates what Duke likes to do most. They have a decent 3 point % but they don’t shoot them very often. Offense could be given a tough test here. As always it’s length, size, height, for days with the FSU athletes. I expect the Noles to hang around throughout and this should be a game that’s decided in the final few minutes. Duke probably still escapes but I’m not passing on 8.

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