NFL Week 11 Plays

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Week 10: 2-2, (50.00%)
Season: 12-8, (60.00%)

A 2-2 week last week to bring me down to 60% mark on the year. Granted of course the small sample size with just 20 plays, but still won’t see me complaining about hitting 60%, ever. Titans and Falcons came away with wins and Bengals were a clear loser. Somewhat of a rough beat losing by the hook with the Lions who came up just short. Moving along we head to week 11, no time for full write ups but I do have a few quick points on each play…

Panthers (-4): Depending on the shop this line opened at 6.5 or 7 and has now come all the way down to 4. I know it passed some less than critical numbers but still a full FG drop seems like an over-reaction to the Falcons win over the Saints last week. Great showing in that one but this team is still garbage. Back to earth for the Falcons.

Colts (-2.5): The Colts looked like hell last week but let’s also keep in mind it was Brian Hoyer at QB. The gap between him and Brissett who is now returning is night and day. This thing dropping below a FG is all I needed to nudge me into making a play. Just hope another Vinatieri missed kick doesn’t bite me.

Dolphins (+6.5): Despite the good record I still don’t really believe in the Bills and now heading down to Miami and trying to cover 6.5 on the road seems like a tall task. Are the Dolphins good now? Absolutely not, but they are playing hard and Flores hasn’t let them quit. I expect them to scrap and keep this one close.


Panthers (-4)
Colts (-2.5)
Dolphins (+6.5)

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