NCAAB 11/9

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Yesterday: 0-3, (0.00%)
Season: 4-8, (33.33%)

Sides: 1-5, (16.66%)
Totals: 2-3, (40.00%)
2nd H Plays: 1-0, (100.00%)

Overall: 4-8, (33.33%)

0-3 day on Friday and a slow start out of the gate at 4-8 through my first 12 plays. Losing is obviously never fun, but at the end of the day this is 12 plays out of probably 450-550 or so I’ll end up making this season. Still grinding like hell to get it back on track but have to keep some perspective on how small of a sample size we are dealing with right now. Should be back to full write ups on Monday but for the weekend it’ll be plays only. Here’s what I’ve got for Saturday…

Hofstra (-8)
Charleston (-5.5)
Texas State/Air Force Ov 138.5
Pepperdine (-2)
Seattle (-3)
Southern Utah/Nebraska Un 147

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