NCAAB 11/8

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Yesterday: 1-0, (0.00%)
Season: 4-5, (44.44%)

Sides: 1-3, (25.00%)
Totals: 2-2, (50.00%)
2nd H Plays: 1-0, (100.00%)

Overall: 4-5, (44.44%)

A quick 1-0 last night as my lone play was a 2nd half winner with Idaho State. For the most part that one was pretty stress free. For those who missed that tweet last night I mentioned how I’ll be making more of an effort to post 2nd half plays this year. Certainly nice to hit the first one. Moving on I’ve got a million things on my plate today so unfortunately no time for write ups. That said, here’s what I’m playing… 

Weber State/Utah State Ov 145.5
Davidson (+2.5)
Grand Canyon (+7)

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