NHL Plays 10/16

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Yesterday: 0-0, +0.00 Units
Season: 3-9, -9.28 Units

Dug myself a little hole here to begin the season but with about 95% of the year ahead of me the good news is there’s plenty of time to dig out of it. I went 1-1 on Monday and after sitting things out yesterday I’m ready to jump back in there today. If I were 9-3 right now I’d be warning you not to overreact to small sample sizes and at 3-9 it’s just as true. Things will get going and hopefully the turn around begins tonight. Here’s what I’m going with…. 

Ducks (-130): Risking 1.81 to win 1.39
Sharks (-133): Risking 1.77 to win 1.33
Penguins (-111): Risking 1.45 to win 1.31
Flyers (+110): Risking 1.27 to win 1.40

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