NFL 10/6 Plays

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Sides: 1-0, (100.00%)
Totals: 0-0, (0.00%)

Season overall: 1-0, (100.00%)

Have only made one twitter play so far this season but from here out I’m going to start posting my plays a bit more. For those who are new to following me I’m generally a pretty contrarian NFL capper. If you are looking for guys backing square favorites and betting with the public it usually isn’t going to me. No time for full write ups but I did include a few quick points on each play. Here’s what I’m going with…

Steelers (+3.5): This line implies the Ravens would be 6.5 point favorites on a neutral field. Why? Because they beat the Dolphins and Cardinals? I’m not really a buyer on the Ravens and I feel their stats are inflated and skewed by that 59-10 win over the Dolphins. Rudolph is slowly improving and gaining confidence. Happily will take the home team here getting 3 plus the hook.

Broncos (+5.5): Yes the Broncos are 0-4, but they are 2 last second FG losses away from being 2-2. I know woulda, coulda, shoulda, but my point is they aren’t a Redskins, Dolphins, Jets level of bad… the best way to put it is I think they are more mediocre than people realize. Chargers have no home field advantage whatsoever. I only made this line so at 5.5 Denver is a no brainer.

Vikings (-5.5): Classic buy low, sell high. Vikings off an ugly loss, everyone unhappy about Cousins play of late. The WR’s are grumpy, not enough targets, Cousins missing throws, etc, etc. On the other side the Giants are 2-0 with Danny dimes at the helm. Let’s keep in mind however one win was due to a chip shot missed FG by the Bucs at the buzzer and the other was against the Redskins. Vikes get back on track, Giants come back to earth.


Steelers (+3.5)
Broncos (+5.5)
Vikings (-5.5)

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