MLB Plays for 7/20

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No plays yesterday as frankly I just didn’t have the time to cap the card the way I wanted. I’d always prefer to sit out than throw darts just for the sake of having a card to post. That said, I’m ready to jump back in there today… here’s what I’m going with.

Marlins (+280): Risking 1.31 to win 3.67 (Alcantara/Kershaw)
Rangers (+178): Risking 1.28 to win 2.28 (Jurado/Urquidy)
Royals/Indians Ov 11 (-105): Risking 1.26 to win 1.2 (Junis/Plutko)
Rays (-151): Risking 1.74 to win 1.15 (Giolito/Yarbrough)

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