NFL November 30th

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NFL Week 12: 0-0, (0.00%) +0.0 Units
NFL Season: 16-17-2, (48.48%) -1.7 Units

Didn’t have anything in week 12 but I’m ready to jump back in there tonight. Only made 35 plays this season and right now am 1 game under .500. It’s not surprising that I’d be down given how this season has gone. I’m a very contrarian NFL bettor and with favorites hitting at nearly 54% on the season it’s honestly surprising I’m not down more. The last 6 weeks or so especially have been as dominated by the favorites as anything I’ve ever seen. Anyways… mini rant over, here’s what I’ve got tonight.

Redskins (-1.5): It’s no secret at this point but Dak Prescott is finding out life without an elite RB with you in the backfield is pretty tough. In his 3 games without Zeke, Dak is averaging just 166.6 passing yards per game and 5.68 yards per attempt, both of which are just awful. To go with that he’s thrown 0 TD’s and 5 INT’s in that 3 game span. I’m not going to knock Dak and say he’s trash or anything but the reality is life as a QB is pretty cozy behind a dominant O-Line and with a superstar RB. Now a little adversity comes with some O-Line injuries and Zeke being on the shelf and Dak just hasn’t been able to adjust. Now instead of facing 8 man fronts and defenses geared to stop the run he’s facing defenses that aren’t as worried about the run and are just playing things straight up. Plus once Dallas falls behind and teams know the have to pass that’s when things just go from bad to worse. On the other hand we have Kirk Cousins, and say what you want about him but he’s working on his 3rd straight very good season. Since the start of 2015 he’s averaging about 280 pass yards per game, completing nearly 70% of his passes and doing so with a 2.5/1 TD to INT ratio. He can run this offense in his sleep and despite not being a Brady, Roethlisberger, etc like superstar he’s the real deal. The Skins have now gotten Perine going at RB and have themselves a nice balanced offense. Right now the Skins have the ability to move the ball in the air AND on the ground while frankly I’m wondering about the Cowboys ability to do either. I’ll take the short road favorite here as I think Dallas continues to struggle.

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