NHL October 11th

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NHL Yesterday: 1-1, (50.00%) +0.00 Units
NHL Season: 1-1, (50.00%) +0.00 Units

A 1-1 split to break even yesterday with a winner on the Preds but thanks to the Rangers a loss in my parlay with them and the Stars. Back in there today to try and get into the black…

Kings (-135): I think we can catch the Flames in a let down spot here against the Kings. The Flames are coming off a 2-0 shutout win at the Ducks and normally that wouldn’t make me think twice. A ho-hum 2-0 win, big deal right? Well in this case a very big deal. The Flames had lost 29 straight games in Anaheim coming into Monday night including a sweep in the playoffs last year. They wanted that game Monday in a big, big way and they sure as hell played like it. Now to back that up with a performance nearing that level will be tough to too. It’s a long season and despite what people want to believe effort and intensity isn’t the same for 82 games. There are some nights where teams ramp it up a few notches and that was Calgary on Monday. Here I simply challenge them to stay at that level back to back games on the road. It’s not easy to do and if they pull it off I’ll tip my cap and take my loss. It’s also worth noting that the Flames right now are 2nd worst in the league allowing 38.7 shots on goal per game. The Kings should have a ton of scoring chances and Mike Smith will have to stand on his head again to keep them under control. Just too many things pointing Kings here for me.

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