NHL October 10th

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Haven’t made any plays yet this season in the NHL but I’ve been keeping tabs on things and now I’m ready to jump in there and get the new season going. Here’s what I’ve got to start it off…

Predators (-140): I like to look at these as “regression to the mean” kind of games. Or in other words things to get back to the way they should be. The Predators are off to an 0-2 start but that doesn’t change my thinking that they are one of the top 5 or so teams in the league. On the flip side their opponent tonight the 2-1 Flyers are still likely a bottom 10 team in the league. Despite how the first week of the season played out I still consider Nashville the clearly better team and with the slow start I think we’re getting a bit of a discount. I don’t think I’d have played this one at it’s opening price of around -160, but dropped 20 cents from there to the -140 it’s at now is good enough for me to jump in

ML Parlay Rangers & Stars (+164): Looks like a pretty nice spot to fade the Blues here. They are off to a 3-0 start, on the back end of a back to back, have their backup goalie in net, and frankly are just due for a loss. Jake Allen will get the night off and the Blues will have backup Carter Hutton between the pipes. Hutton is decent enough as far as backups go but at the end of the day he is what he is, a 31 year old journeyman who has never been a full time starter. On the other end it seems Lundqvist is back on track for the Rangers after two shaky games to start the season. King Henry stopped only 34 of 42 shots in his first two games and was actually pulled after one period in Toronto on Saturday. No need to worry though, he followed up that performance with a shutout Sunday at home against Montreal. Overall I think the Rangers and Hank will be just fine, and as I mentioned this feels like a pretty nice spot for the Blues first loss. For the second end of the parlay I’ll add in the 0-2 Stars at home looking for their first win of the year over the 2-0 and playing over their head Red Wings. The Wings I think are still a bottom 10 team in the league while the Stars I consider roughly a top 10 team. Just a little regression to the mean here with the Stars getting their first win and handing the Wings their first loss.

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