NFL October 5th

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NFL Week 4: 1-2-0, (33.33%) -1.2 Units
NFL Season: 9-8-1, (52.94%) +0.2 Units

Only went 1-2 last week but am still up slightly for the year and hopefully can tack another unit on to that total tonight. We have another Patriots game here and you long time followers know what that means….

Buccaneers (+4.5): I make my little comments each week about how it’s to the point the public will pound New England every single game. Doesn’t matter the opponent, the line, where the game is played, anything. If the Patriots are playing the public will hammer them. They could be playing against Aliens on Jupiter and laying 74 points, it just doesn’t matter. The public can’t help themselves. Here we are again this week with 68% of tickets on the Pats despite what’s a horrifically bad defense. That isn’t an overstatement either, that isn’t me exaggerating or trying to make a point, this truly is a horrible defense. On the year the Pats are allowing 456 yards per game on defense. That’s worst in the league, and not just worst in the league… it’s 60 yards per game worse than the next team. They also allow 324 yards per game passing, which again is worst in the league. The silver lining is they are only 26th worst in rush defense allowing 132 yards per game on the ground. This defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed right now and just because they wear Patriots uniforms and helmets isn’t going to magically make these guys good football players. The Jameis Winston led Bucs are 9th in the league in yards per game on offense and 3rd in passing yards per game. Winston is one of the best young QB’s in the game and he has weapons to work with in Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, and rookie TE OJ Howard. There’s no reason to think Winston and company don’t have a field day against this Pats defense. I’ll happily take 4.5 points with them at home.

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