MLB July 28th

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Yesterday: 0-3, -3.26 UnitsĀ 
April: 62-49 +14.93 Units
May: 62-58-6, +2.26 Units
June: 55-58-3, -4.31 Units
July: 48-50-1, -1.66 UnitsĀ 
Season: 227-215-10, +10.15 Units

We’ve hit a bit of a cold spell here and went 0-3 for -3.26 units on Thursday. You’ll never get any excuses me from me and I’ll always shoot straight. When things are going well I’ll happily say so, but when things are going are poorly I’ll admit it. Right now we’re in a cold spell…. I’m sending these plays out late tonight because I’ll be unavailable all day tomorrow. No time for write ups, but I do feel good about what I’ve got. Here we go….

BAL/TEX Ov 11 (-110)
Cardinals (-114)
Padres (-106)
Athletics (+102)

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