NFL December 26th

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Kind of sneaking in here under the gun but I do have a play on the side and the total tonight. Not time for a full write up, but do have some thoughts on this one…

Cowboys (-6): I’m not sure if I were Dallas that I’d be running Zeke and Dak out there tonight, but all indications are those two will be in there like it’s just a normal game for Dallas. Despite that probably not being the smartest thing in the world for Dallas, it certainly isn’t good news for Detroit. We all know about the Dallas offense led by Zeke running behind the best O-Line in football. Per usual you’d expect Dallas to be able to chew up clock and yardage on the ground despite the Lions having a respectable run defense. What could kill the Lions tonight is their pass defense which allows a league worst 102.1 QB rating to opponents. If the Boys are able to set up the play action with the ground game Dak could do some real damage to Dez and company through the air. On the flip side we have a very interesting matchup here with the Detroit offense against the Dallas defense. Detroit as all know doesn’t care about running the ball and they love to pass. On the flip side Dallas is #1 in the league against the run and only #28 against the pass. Easy solution right? Just turn Stafford loose and let him throw it 50 times. Well, I’m not so sure it’s that easy. If the Lions can’t make Dallas even respect any run game at all then they can pin their ears back and come after Stafford all night. At least in some small form Detroit needs to keep a balanced attack and I don’t think they’ll be able to do it. Dallas is still an incredible 12-2, but they haven’t really spanked anyone in a while, I think they win by 2 TD’s tonight.

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