NFL October 13th

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NFL Week 5: 1-3, (25.00%) -2.3 Units
NFL Season: 11-10, (52.38%) +0.0 Units

After a 1-3 Week 5 we’re back to even on the year in the NFL. Right at that 52.38% mark which is always going to land you at 0.0 units if flat betting at -110 a game. This week I get things going a little early with a play on the Thursday night game…

Chargers (+3): For those who have followed me for a while it should be no surprise at all that I’m on the Chargers tonight. This is the kind of game I just love. A primetime national TV game where there’s one team everyone thinks is great, and the other team which everyone thinks is horrible. The Broncos now sit at 4-1 and most people would tell you this is one of the best teams in the league. The Chargers sit at 1-4 and most would tell you they are one of the worst teams in the league. Yet the line is only 3 eh? I wonder what side the public is lining up to take? It’s just too easy for the 4-1 team to cover only 3 points against the 1-4 team, right? So again it’s not the least bit surprising to see 70% of bettors on the Broncos as of my typing this. Despite what their record says the Chargers aren’t as bad as most people think, and tonight I think they pull of a win at home. Per usual I’ll be rooting for the team that most are unwilling to make a bet on. In the world of the NFL that’s exactly how I like it.

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