NFL September 8th

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Before I get into this play or any of my plays for the NFL this year I’ll briefly go over how I cap this league. For the most part I go against what everyone around you is usually saying. Take everything you’d hear from your NFL network analysts, your ESPN analysts, the guys on your softball team, your buddies at the bar, the dudes you know from the gym, etc etc. Take all of that, and go the other way. It’s not a full on Fade the Public approach, but I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to NFL I’m about as contrarian as you’ll find. If you’ve ever¬†been in a Vegas sportsbook for an NFL Sunday¬†you’ve surely notice all the squares who can’t think for themselves. These are the guys who yell and scream and get all fired up each time the team they bet makes a big play. I’d be the guy who is on the opposite side of those clowns. Here we go with my first play for the year…

Broncos (+3.5, -120): Here we have a classic case of stud QB against a QB most people have never heard of. I love games like this. Cam Newton was the 2015 MVP, he’s one of the most recognizable guys in the sport right now. His face is on ESPN or NFL Network every time you turn around. Interviews, commercials, dancing, dabbing, doing his superman dance, you name it. We all know Cam Newton, he’s a stud, right? On the other side the Broncos will start Trevor Siemian. Who you ask? Who is Trevor Siemian? I don’t remember seeing him in college. I don’t remember hearing anything about him in college. Where did he go? Where did he come from? WHO THE HELL IS HE?!? Well he was a QB at Northwestern who had a ho hum college career and has somehow wiggled his way to the top of the Denver depth chart as their starter. So lets recap. Carolina went 15-1 last year, and have the NFL MVP and arguably biggest superstar in the league right now at QB. They have the revenge angle from losing the Super Bowl last year on their side too. That all looks great right? Denver has a QB that 9 out of 10 people at your local bar couldn’t even tell you who he is. Yet Newton and the Panthers are only 3.5 (or 3) point favorites depending on your book. How can this be? This is so easy right? Give me the MVP over the no name and they’ll find a way to cover that small number right? No thanks, not for me… Broncos here.

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