NFL September 11th

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Some more contrarian NFL for you guys, as is my style in this league. If you missed more on that check out my write up for the Thursday night game. If you don’t want to dig that up you’ll learn my style as we go….

Jaguars (+5): I can only imagine how many times someone has said “The Packers are only favored by 5 against the Jaguars?!?” This week. Last I checked this is most lopsided game of the week in terms of money bet. Seems the whole world is lining up to take Aaron Rodgers laying less than a TD against the always awful Jaguars. Yeah Blake Bortles is improving, yeah they have a few decent young WR’s, but at the end of the day it’s still the Jaguars right? They sit in that 5-11 or 6-10 range year, after year, after year. You can take it to the bank right? As far as the Packers, they are amazing right? Aaron Rodgers is as good as ever, Jordy Nelson is back, Eddie Lacy has lost weight, on and on and on. You walk into a sportsbook in Vegas on Sunday and this is the game that’ll be getting the loudest cheers. Crazy applause when GB scores, and whining/complaining each time JAX scores. Just the kind of game I love to get involved with. I’ll let the rest of the sports betting world bet on the Packers while I sit quietly with my Jaguars ticket.

Bears (+5.5): Every year there is a team that wins the offseason. They make a few flashy moves, then comes the hype, the expectations, the headlines, etc etc. This year that team seems to have been the Houston Texans. For the last few years they’ve had a nice defense and we were just left with “well if they only had a RB and a WR.” Now enter Brock Osweiler at QB and Lamar Miller at RB. Throw in returning stud WR DeAndre Hopkins and the Texans all of the sudden are the hottest thing since sliced bread. It seems everyone is buying in on the Texas in 2016. Throw that offensive trio in there with the JJ Watt led defense and they’ll be a force, right? Sure does seem to be the popular opinion. As far as the Bears go, Matt Forte is gone and whipping boy Jay Cutler is still around at QB. I don’t know if there’s a player in the league that is made fun of more, or is the butt of more jokes than Cutler. The guy gets no respect at all, he’s pretty much hated by football fans from coast to coast. Naturally given all this Texans hype, and Cutler hate, we’ve got everyone lining up to bet the Texans here. That’s perfectly fine with me, I’ll let everyone else buy the hype and hop on the Houston bandwagon, I’ll be the guy rooting for the dummy Cutler who everyone thinks is a clown. Bears for me

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