NHL May 24th

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Lightning +120: I think the Lightning put this series to bed tonight. Sunday night everything seemed to be working for the Penguins. The switch from Murray to Fleury had looked like it was a brilliant move, the Pens had a 2-0 lead and were in control most of the night. Then next thing you know, you look up and the Lightning are sneaking out of there with a win. Now the Penguins are going back to Matt Murray in net game 6 and frankly I think this is a rattled team mentally. They went from one second thinking they’d be up 3-2 and that Fleury was the savior who would lead them back to the Stanley Cup Finals, to the next second re-evaluating everything. Just too much back and forth with this team in my mind. “Murray is the guy, he’s going to lead us. Oh wait, he had a bad game… ok now lets put Fleury in, he’ll do it. Yeah, yeah we are ahead now! Fluery is guy after all, it’s a good thing we switched!! Oh wait, now we lost… Fleury isn’t the answer after all, lets go back to Murray!” Good luck with that Pens. I think they should have stuck with Murray all along and ultimately it’s going to be this game of musical goalies that’ll cost them the series. I think the Lightning smell blood and tonight they take care of business.

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