NHL May 23rd

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Blues -120: I still feel like I’ve got a very good read on this series. Before it began I said the Blues were the better team and should take the series in 6 or 7. I’ve had the right side in 3 of the first 4 in the series and now is the time I think the Blues take control. I know it was only one game, but the Blues just punched the Sharks square in the mouth on Saturday night. Hitchcock it looks like is going to stay with Jake Allen which while I’m not crazy about is kind of a no brainer after Game 4. Realistically he couldn’t make the switch, then dominate the game, then switch back to Elliott, so I understand the reasoning. Regardless of who is in net I think the Blues are the better squad here and after Saturday they’ve got the confidence of having reminded themselves that. Fully expecting them to ride the momentum into tonight and jump ahead in the series.

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