NHL May 22nd

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Lightning/Penguins Ov 5 (-130): I don’t get involved with totals very much in Hockey but I can’t keep away from this one. The Penguins have made the switch from Matt Murray to Marc-Andre Fluery in net for Game 5 tonight, and I think that’s a mistake. Yes Murray was awful in game 4, but to yank for one bad game after how well he’d been playing lately is absurd to me. Yes Fluery has been there before, he’s played in big games, he’s won a stanley cup, I know, I know. The Lightning lit Fluery up for 9 goals in 2 games during the regular season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them have some success with him again tonight. As far as Vasilevskiy goes I’m still fairly impressed with what I’ve seen from him. The biggest problem for him and Lightning is the amount of shots he’s facing, as the Pens have peppered him for an average of 42.3 shots on goal in the last 3 games. At home tonight off a loss you can bet the Pens will be hungry and going to get after this kid in a big way. With that many shots on goal Vasilevskiy could give up 3 or even 4 goals while still playing not that poorly. I could easily see a 4-2 or 4-3 type of game here.

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